Kauf – A Ruin

Following his recent release, Through the Yard, Kauf is ready to takeover your soundcloud accounts with the majestic ‘A Ruin’.

Think if Jamie xx, Real Lies and Wild Nothing joined forces, for a subversive mix of indie-tronica and progressive house, Kauf would have already beaten them to the punch. A Ruin hides in a cloak of house rhythms, dressed in glistening synths and vocals that echo into a crowd of jaded post-lovers.

Realising the superficial nature of a relationship with an ex, A Ruin is surrounded in its own chaotic realisation. Requiring nearly a third of the track (just over 2 minutes) before Kauf makes his lyrical entrance; A Ruin’s opening is filled with rising percussion, balanced together on an unsteady pile of house arrangements, as synths grow from a steady wave, into brooding droplets. Readying the remain four minutes of A Ruin for Kauf’s enchanting lyrics, its intro sets the stage for Kauf to transform it into an intrinsically beautiful, post-house piece.

Blue Hawaii have created an equally beautiful remix of A Ruin, currently on soundcloud, while A Ruin is a free download for the rest of the month. So if you fancy a free piece of art, head on over to Bandcamp.

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