Phoria – Volition

Over three years since their debut single Red paved the way for Phoria’s success, Volition is the culmination of all this time, seasoned together to create their debut.

At first glance, Volition could be mistaken as another piece created by Bon Iver and James Blake. While Trewin and Justin’s vocals aren’t exactly identical, the combination of Trewin’s somewhat enigmatic vocals, together with Ed and Tim’s synth work is equally if not more beautiful, than the ever popular works of Bon Iver and James Blake.

Melatonin, Volition’s opener, is the closest Phoria come to a crossover with their labelled similarities. As synths grow in volume, while Jeb’s guitars create a slick undertone, which carries Trewin’s vocals to become more apparent and bold than in the near A cappella style of By The Salt.

Throughout Volition, the work of Ed and Tim cannot be ignored. On Melatonin, Everything Beta and Emanate especially, the pair’s synth work is captivating to say the least. Everything Beta especially displays the pairings synth work to a mastered fashion, collecting Seryn’s rapid drum beats, with electronic drones and ambient chords, for a contemporary display of majestic experimental-ism that adds favour to their likened similarities to Radiohead.

However, while Trewin’s vocals are enforced and made stronger by the work of Ed, Tim, Jeb and Seryn throughout most of Volition, By The Salt on its own is nothing to be excited about. It does though, make way for Trewin to display his true potential on Loss, Volition’s emotionally rich, stand out.

A display of raw vulnerability and emotions that exceeds all of Volition, Loss perfectly summarises Volition’s beauty, in full detail. Over six minutes of highly tuned string arrangements and softly played piano’s, Loss sees Trewin, roar loudly¬†across the dramatic landscape of Loss, journeying across the realms of emotional turmoil and auditory bliss.

Volition’s display of unfiltered beauty is a constant, with previous Phoria tracks, Red, Undone and Emanate, all equally enforcing the idealism of Phoria’s classically trained finesse of the electronica genre. From solo pianos to whole orchestral arrangements, finely tuned through Phoria’s electronic ambiguity, each track on Volition speaks boldly and confidently, while evoking enough emotion to cause mass ripples in your heartstrings.

While older fans may not rejoice at Volition’s plethora of older Phoria tracks, Volition as a whole is magnificently enchanting. Blending fan favourites together with new material, all with noticeable influences from the likes of Blake, Aphex Twin and Mew, the journey of Phoria is pieced together throughout this 11 track LP sublimely.¬†Void of any self-doubt, Phoria seamlessly tie together their love of drama and electronica, into a winsome display of seismic proportions.


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