Bandcamp Presents… CLAWS

There’s never a wrong time for a slice of surf rock, especially in the form of Norwich group CLAWS.

Made up of Josie, Morgan, Tom & Duncan (surnames not needed), CLAWS scrappy surf rock is everything you loved about early WAVVES, tied together with the slacker vibes of Leeds Menace Beach.

Their most recent EP titled Daydream, is a culmination of surf rock sub-genres, all melted together in a combination of thrash, pop-punk tracks, that blast out unholy riffs, grittier than Norwich’s number 16 bus to Old Catton, but packed with twice the charm.

Leading single Nobody’s Perfect, summarises the life of, well, basically anyone under the age of 25 in the UK. Life’s messy, it looks a bit bleak usually here (not just weather-wise), but through louder than imaginable music, blasting out vibes of the California coast line, it’s a little piece of perfection at times, especially when groups such as CLAWS are flying the youth flag of rambunctious, punk music.

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