DRÆMINGS – Area 51

Taken from her debut LP,  Kimi Recor’s Area 51 thrives upon dark, ladened synths depicting broken love.

With an 80’s synth driven style that draws closer resemblance in sound to Hante or Lust For Youth, but with vocals to match Ladyhawke, DRÆMINGS’ Area 51 is a new romantics dream.

Caught between the feeling of love and knowing this won’t last, Area 51 balances it’s rather downbeat lyrics together with a thriving undertone of bass heavy beats, personifying the difficult nature of Recor’s lyrics.

Sugar coating the impending doom of not made to last relationships, with fiery synth riffs that are made only for dancing, Recor powers through these four minutes, with intense ferocity, as she projects pure power into her words, leaving you more entranced by her voice and less teary eyed about her story.

The Eternal Lonesome, Recor’s debut LP, is out on August 5th via Sumerian Records.

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