SKOTT – Wolf

Sophisticated pop that flows with the swagger of r’n’b, SKOTT’s follow up to Porcelain is of an equally, yet insanely high calibre.

While SKOTT’s background may consist of growing up in a forest commune run by outcast folk musician, Wolf utilises the contemporary sounds of inner city living, bringing her folk past together with the modern smoothness of electronica.

A majestic trance of shimmering synths join together with brass incisions, as SKOTT’s vocals soar with the freezing presence of Florence Welch, while still attaining the soft edged, pop presence of Gabrielle Aplin.

Wolf’s use of electronic samples are it’s mark of greatness. Piecing together the use of 1-2 beats, high claps and steady bass, in turn with the glistening brass moments, SKOTT makes Wolf feel completely unique, while still carrying enough traces of influences to place amongst pop’s strongest artists.

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