HICARI – Catch Fire

Get ready for the Liverpool five piece to take over your life, with their latest single, Catch Fire.

Just as previous single Consumed layered together jubilant synth tones with hard hitting lyrics, Ryan (HICARI’s synth man) says “the song is about someone overstaying their welcome, and the friction eventually catching fire”.

In what is slowly becoming the HICARI-way, Catch Fire personifies the iridescent shine that comes from HICARI’s insatiable pop music. Harsh realities can always be turned into something beautiful with a touch of jubilant pop.

Catch Fire’s narrative and instrumentation come together hand in hand in capturing HICARI’s handling of their own narratives. As gradually paced guitars explode into magnificent synth riffs in the chorus, Shayaan leads a disgruntled story with poise and grace, making the combination of Ryan’s rapid fire synth work, together with Shayaan’s  charming vocals, inescapable.

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