MIYNT – Cool

Staying cool has never sounded so alien before.

Stockholm artist MIYNT’s latest track Cool, from her upcoming EP, NO.1, continues to showcase MIYNT’s well seasoned, pop music, while taking a different approach to previous releases After The Gold Rush and The Strangest Game.

Whereas The Strangest Game brought to question the battles of the mind in relationships, Cool is quite literally about staying cool, and not giving people your phone in LA.

I was inspired by being in LA enjoying the insane heat and how the sun was shining on me, visually so beautiful, but it was just pure pain. If life is a beach, it requires you to take a loan and buy an AC.”

The track itself runs around a steady stream of slack bass hooks, while emphatic guitars mark Cool’s sophisticated choruses. MIYNT’s vocals are as stylish as ever also, effortlessly filled with enough flare to counter the laid back air that Cool surrounds itself with.

EP NO.1 is available to pre-order now on B3SCI Records in both digital and physical formats, and will be released September 16th.

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