Molly Moore – Just A Dream

Just a Dream, the second single from her upcoming EP, Now You See Me, shows Moore’s talent continuing to grow to astounding levels.Our love for Moore is well-known on Velvet. We backed her as one of our artists for 2016 and the LA based, New York artist, has shown why consistently throughout this year.

Collaborating with Boehm, Blu J, working constantly with fellow rising pop star Brandyn Burnette, Moore’s marker for success is becoming more unreachable by the minute.

Her sense of uniqueness and style is impossible to shake off on Just a Dream. The signature heavy lyrics of Blood. Sweat. Tears can be felt, while the slick, electro influenced marks of Easy are also in place. While Moore’s previous work can be identified, her growth towards generating a style, which arguably is her own, places the New York as an undeniable talent.

Just a Dream battles between waves of different sounds; as trumpets and drums wreak havoc with crashing breaks and silencing moments of pure wonder, while Moore’s vocals still remain her strongest weapon to use, rising to the challenge of surpassing a full band, which then amplifies her stance even further.

It’s now or later with Molly Moore, as Just a Dream shows that this pop singer won’t be going anywhere but straight to the top.


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