Raury – Butterfly

Personal tales of depression and suicidal thoughts litter Raury’s gripping new track Butterfly. Whether it be high school or life after, the same anxieties can affect you and cause roads to become more difficult than first anticipated.

Butterfly sees Raury expressing his own struggles throughout his current 20 years, as lucid synths turn into hypnotic waves of isolation, anchoring his deeply unsettling lyrics further. Similarly to The West Ghost, Raury finds solitude in his love for music, effortlessly rapping over his downbeat backing, then breaking into delicate vocal breaks, as he speaks about wishing to break free from his own darkness as a ‘Butterfly’.

“when I was 14 I was thinking about leaving, alone up in my room with guitars every weekend in the hand full of pills no one knew about my secrets”


While the topic at hand may be a difficult subject for most to discuss; the almost ease, that Raury displays is commendable, as he transforms his own negative experiences into a slick, soul gripping track. Butterfly falls somewhere between effortlessly cool and near iconic, as the Atlanta rapper shows the world that hip-hop is expressive and a true art form that can be bold and shocking for more personal reasons.

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