Palace – Holy Smoke

Marking up to be one of 2016’s key albums, Holy Smoke will instantly reignite your love for Palace and for So Long Forever.

It’s been some time since Palace have been featured on Velvet. Since their debut EP, the immediate infatuation for Palace faded somewhat, as it does with all emerging bands that have an unprecedented amount of buzz around them.

Holy Smoke may have fallen into our sphere of attention by chance, but its presence is strong enough to become the center of attention in a matter of seconds again, bringing back Palace’s early hype, that was simply misplaced for a while.

The attraction of Holy Smoke is the reflection on Palace’s earliest work, while still attaining to evolve their blues rock sound even further. Croons of sweet serenades bring back fond memories of Palace, while Holy Smoke’s choruses igniting under a sky of melodic guitars, illustrates the artistic┬ásplendor that Palace’s music has always created, both auditory and visually.

The sense of time and care that Palace place into their work, while sounding so effortlessly stunning, perfectly disguising deep thoughts into mesmerising displays, which are easy to follow yet equally inspiring, is the focal point as to why their music will last a lifetime.


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