Kauf – Key to Life

Reliving memories as a child, Kauf’s regression to darker moments reflects on his third single, Key to Life.

The LA producer takes a plethora of personal influences into each track he produces, whether it be a dance floor banger, or a subversive mind taunt. Key to Life structures itself around the idea of spacial awareness, heightening the senses, with each element of its design prominently displayed, encouraging a keen eye to detail, as being essential.

A growing signature of Kauf is the use of atmospherics. As each sound begins as a definitive statement of its own, guitars and hollowed out bass tones meet together in the epicentre, gradually building as Kauf’s electronic work sends shock-waves into his latest offering.

Once combined, the elements of Key to Life piece together immaculately, beautifully displaying a darker theme for Kauf, as he focuses on the glazed over threats we received as children, and the lack of representation children still struggle with today.

Expansive electronic music may not be the go to for social awareness, but Kauf’s latest narrative is bold and becomes more apparent after each listen, becoming eerily uncomfortable, yet uncontrollably enticing all at once.

Kauf’s debut LP, Regrowth, is expected early 2017.

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