The MNKD – Elate Me

Taken from their upcoming EP, It’s Nothing, Elate Me is the first taste of Canadian group The MNKD.

Following on from a few covers on their YouTube channel (covering Drake and Nick Jonas), Elate Me is the debut track from this alt-pop trio (from what I’ve been able to find, don’t quote me). Showcasing their influences from The 1975, The Weeknd, Lorde to 80’s pop and 00’s alternative, Elate Me characterises itself with the recognised flare and swagger of contemporary pop music, balanced together with the focus on killer vocals from 00’s alt.

Mixing their love of pop with alternative influences, Elate Me comes across guarded within its opening moments, as delicate shimmering electronics, that could quite easily be mistaken for a new ‘1975 track, provide a soft, just woken feeling to this radio ready track. A cross over with a sudden burst of confidence follows their slow intro, catapulting any listener to a stance of pure-attentiveness in a matter of seconds (38 to be exact).

Turning into a gargantuan, modern pop ballad, Elate Me leaves question marks everywhere:

How have The MNKD managed to create a debut, which harnesses as much potential as their influences most well known tracks? Why isn’t there more? When will there be more? And how many times can I listen to this before it becomes my go-to anthem for everything?

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