NVDES – 8am

Bring out the shades and empty beer cups, NVDES are back with the after-after-party anthem for the upcoming season.

Too often are club/party playlists loaded with mild, too-maintained, subordinate tracks, that reach no significant level of astounding entertainment whatsoever. 8am makes way for NVDES to completely takeover the party season, bringing together a collective blending of R’n’B, pop, electro and tropical genres.

When placed alongside their previous releases, The Other Side, Don’t Fvck Your Neighbour and Fela, 8am falls perfectly into the nu-pop brand that NVDES are currently creating. A cacophony of abrupt sounds, that show no qualms about their immediate nature, 8am is a rambunctious monster that alleviates its immediacy for a split second, before catapulting back in with thunderous guitars, electro cuts and sophisticated R’n’B rhythms.

Projecting a tireless energy which is more powerful than a cask of red bull and vodka, 8am will be the beginning, middle and end, of every great party playlist for the rest of this year.


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