Goan Dogs – Devil Inside

Following on from their intriguing debut single, Flying Business Class, Bristol’s Goan Dogs showcase their continuing blend of indie rock with ludicrous dance moves.

Maybe it’s a statement or maybe they’re just having fun, either way, Goan Dogs seem to be a bandit of weirdos (meant in the most loving way possible). Throughout their music video for Devil Inside, all five members feature alongside on another, in out of sync dancing, flailing limbs, and stances so serious that they immediately become light-hearted.

The track itself features a note of ‘not-to-seriousness’, playing around with glimmers of synth keys, heavy bass hooks that feel seductive and strange at the same, as well as a guitar riff that could find itself onto any future mid-western film soundtrack.

The apparent lack of seriousness on Devil Inside, is refreshing when placed in comparison with alt-indie groups such as Alt-J and Glass Animals. It flows effortlessly, feeling less like a piece of delicately precise art, and more like a song that a soon to be super-group would and should be making.

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