Colouring – Everything Has Grown

Further cementing the idea that Colouring will be one of the most important bands of this decade, Everything Has Grown packs that final punch to truly unleash the floodgates.

It’s always a struggle to strive for the emotional out-pour that singles throughout history have received and still do to this day. Striving to achieve any level of success musically, is becoming more and more difficult. For those who can’t quite step up to the line of success it’s a battle that will never be won.

Colouring (as you’d be able to assume by my short introduction there), are one of the few who can safely say that their mark for success is of their own doing.

Everything Has Grown is unequivocally emotional from the word go. It’s combination of echoing piano keys, hauntingly dancing in turn with frontman Jack Kenworthy’s delicate vocals, bring to life the undying love you can feel for someone.

He tells us how it “is a reflection on the breakdown of a relationship. When you have found peace with the past and time has healed any pain you once felt, it’s about simply hoping they find happiness.”

Colouring balance together a collection of orchestral productions with their growing post-R’n’b-tronica, creating a world that for just over five minutes, is unarguably, beautiful, impossible to destroy and inescapable from.

It’s not just another song, it’s a statement of how Colouring are going to seamlessly become one of the 21st century’s most memorable acts around.

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