Plaza – Youth

The Hartlepool boys are back with their longest offering to date, Youth.

There’s a slight oxymoron tied to the Hartlepool rockers’ Youth, as it’s arguably their most ambiguous track to date. Finessing their post-math-rock guitar hooks, with a fluidity that’s several levels higher than previous release Blood Orange; Plaza are showing a considerable amount of growth in the five months in between their releases.

While Plaza may have matured slightly, playing around with more seasoned elements of shoegaze, Youth counters its developing nature with Plaza’s love for larger than life choruses, that summon up siren calls to the indie masses, with monstrous riffs and vortex’s of inescapable reverb.

Beckoning to a forever changing crowd of indie fans both old and new, Youth centres itself around the shared love for well seasoned, indie rock perfection.

Youth is out now via Beyond The Wall.

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