Molly Moore – Indigo

Taken from her “Now You See Me” EP, Moore’s love for soulful pop music continues with Indigo.

Never being one to provide a regular narrative in her music, Indigo’s inspiration comes from the term indigo children (children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities) tells Moore. Her self-identification with the term draws upon the largely unfair association that these children and adults face, being labelled as having learning disabilities.

Her opening lyrics of “they all want silence I can’t keep quiet, I am an Avalanche and I just want to dance” blatantly relates to ADD (attention deficit disorder), a diagnosis for those who struggle to naturally settle into a ‘calm’ demeanor, while studying. Typically those with ADD are more physical learners and the traditional style of sit down and observe, doesn’t associate well with their learning personalities.

Indigo represents this struggle to be deemed ‘normal/regular’ while equally being different. The joining of modern electronic beats, together with classically, huge brass sections, is a beautiful representation of Moore’s narrative, uniting her lyrics and instrumentation as one set piece perfectly.

Her latest offering boldly goes where very few have even thought to, bringing attention to an area that needs much more discussion, by creating an audible representation of what it means to be an indigo child.

Now You See Me is out now through Home Planet Records.

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