The xx – On Hold

It’s been a long time coming from the London three-piece, now following their 2012 LP, Coexist, with the first single from LP#3, On Hold.

We realise these are uncertain times and we hope the joy and love we found making the record will find its way out into the world, in however small a way.
An excerpt from The xx

Moving forward from the steady, clean sounds of Coexist, On Hold sees The xx adding the flare of Jamie xx’s post-house, trip-hop styling, quickening the pace of The xx’s usually, chilled out speed. Still however, it’s The xx as their fans lovingly know them. Atmospheric guitars space out into the inter-dimensional world of Jamie’s electronic work, while Oliver and Romy serenade your ears with their back and forth singing. Sampling¬†Daryl Hall & John Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” in its chorus, On Hold is just a reminder of how the magic of The xx remains so simple, but incorporates just enough to mark them as this generations defining musical group.

I See You, is set to be released January 13th 2017.

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