Velvet Turns 3 Years Old!

My oh my, how three years does fly by. I’d try to rhyme every sentence here, but that will undoubtedly get boring quickly. Dear.

Rhyme’s aside (for now), it’s utter madness to think that Velvet is now 3 years old. I can still remember Velvet in its early days, where reviews were roughly a sentence long and an “in-depth review” was maybe 60 words!

If you ever manage to stumble back to Velvet’s early days, don’t laugh too loudly, but do check out the music (granted the tracks haven’t been removed).

It’s been a pleasure working on Velvet over these 3 years, writing for bands that are now rapidly growing hits and newcomers who are set to steal the limelight in the future.

To commemorate these 3 years, there’s a spotify playlist with some of my favourite featured tracks down below.VevlVe

Peace and love, Doyle x

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