Kauf – Pacify

The LA producer gives us a taste of his upcoming LP Regrowth, revealing the opening track, Pacify.


Never being one to sprint and instead moving at his own pace, Kauf continues his own trend of amorous build ups before his lyrics blend into the mixture.

Pacify’s opening is systematically Kauf, but yet retains a soft edge that we haven’t heard from the LA producer yet. A tropical atmosphere of pure isolation, smothered by the unknown sounds of a looming presence, Pacify’s use of bass to create a counterpoint to its light electronica use is the key to its story.

The song itself is focused on lost opportunities for closeness. Amplified by its transcending atmosphere, greeted by an offering of help in the form of Kauf’s lyrics, a sense of forbiddenment in itself is formed, questioning whether your own fortitude can be openly welcomed by such positivity and in itself, allowing your own guard to fall.

Pacify plays on a loop of gorgeously layered electronica, while its narrative demonstrates the struggles it presents within its lyrics, floating around the idea of acceptance and the willingness to accept help when needed, even if this feels intrinsically wrong to do so.

You’re carving soft what you don’t need Can I give you a hand? I was training for a battle to the death You forced me into the sun

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