SVFARI – Switch Your Love

Following on from his debut track Beautiful Human, SVFARI’s Switch Your Love speaks of immediate role reversal over catchy r’n’b.


SVFARI’s narrative on Switch Your Love’s is completely unavoidable (even with his quote down below), speaking boldly about the role reversal that can happen straight after a failed relationship creates a new one. While his latest offering may circulate around the idea of confusion and betrayal, Switch Your Love’s playful use of echoed trip hop sounds, bounce around to an exact precision, breaking into deep bass hooks before flaring up into a euphony of post-verbal r’n’b. With SVFARI’s past being illuminated by his skill for trip-hop r’n’b beats, it’s clear that the UK producer has more than one trick up his sleeve.

“I wrote ‘Switch Your Love’ when I found out that someone I was dating had moved on right after our relationship had ended and seemed to be happy. I couldn’t help but feel like if it was so easy to find somebody new so soon, she could probably switch back to me just as easily. I started questioning whether our time together meant anything at all.” – SVFARI on Switch Your Love.

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