The New Artists’ List: 2017

Ultimately, new artists that have stolen the year before, are destined to continue to do so in the next 12 months.  10 in particular made 2016 a special year, and will continue to do in 2017:

Swimming Tapes

There’s something about dreamy guitar rhythms that will never cease to be intoxicating, and act as a constant reminder of Summer, especially thanks to Swimming Tapes. The London group may have written the song of the Summer this year (even if it was released in September), with Set the Fire, but on the backing of previous release Souvenirs and their most recent track, Tides, Swimming Tapes are far from becoming forgotten dream pop-rockers. Think Real Estate meets Swim Deep and you’re half way there.


The Brighton four piece may have taken a hiatus in the second half of 2016, but the ground made through Motherlode, Car Crash and Us And Them, was easily enough to provide a spot on our 2017 list. Combining early grunge, with post-punk, new wave influences, the combination of Millie, Mitch, Dan, and Danny is a nostalgic, match made in heaven.


A male, trio pop group, who’s songs are about 5 seconds away from massive mainstream success, Arizona will undeniably become one of 2017’s future success stories. Now that Spotify streams act as currency musically, Arizona are already rolling in it, scoring nearly 30,000,000 plays on Robin Schulz remix of I Was Wrong. With a slew of pop hits in their back catalogue, Arizona will undoubtedly be the pop act of 2017.


An introduction to the world through the track Fela in 2015, anchored in a new era for the moniker of Josh Ocean. NVDES high energy funk-pop music has been in constant flow, releasing The Other Side, Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor and the Life With Lobster EP in 2016, securing huge success on Soundcloud and Spotify with (x) plays across both platforms. It’s set to continue growing in 2017 with a highly anticipated LP yet to be announced.

Trudy and the Romance

It seems that in 2017, Trudy’ will be bestowed with the ‘saviour of rock ‘n’ roll award, thanks to their boisterous rhythms, and deservedly so. The Liverpudlians lust for old school, rock ‘n’ roll, brushing shoulders with the punk rock flare of The Clash, together with the contemporary high velocity of Spring King, is nothing short of a must for anyone who enjoys a sweat filled, body shaking performance.


With a palette of creativity that appears to be ever-changing, the alt-folk/pop singer is assured that 2017 will be something more than special. Releasing the haunting Wolf to announce her arrival, Skott has effortlessly diverged from folk to pop, to electro, to R’n’B, to any contemporary genre blend you could think of. Wolf’s continuation of vocal prowess, followed by Amelia unleashing thunder and chaos, have pathed the way to future success for Skott in 2017.

Chloe x Halle

You know Beyonce right? She was in that group and had that album about fizzy drinks yeah? Of course, you do. Now the pop powerhouse has set her sights on paving the way for the future sell out stars, Chloe and Halle. A sister duo, who’s natural flare for ultra smooth, deep-R’n’B is so purely irresistible, these LA-based teens are ready to blow the mainstream world wide open.

Mt. Wolf

Now for any Mt. Wolf fans, you’ll know that Mt. Wolf are nearly as old as Daughter are. With a handful of EPs under the belt, sell out shows across the UK, and a huge cult following, it’s a surprise that Mt. Wolf aren’t already rubbing shoulders with their fellow Londoners. Continuing on from the success of their Hex EP and track South ft Golden, 2017 is set to be the year that Mt. Wolf finally pull a Wolf Alice.


The LA producers debut LP, Regrowth, is set for an early release in 2017, and with the backing of Through The Yard, A Ruin, Key To Life and Pacify, it’s already set to push 2017 to stupidly high standards from the word go. Utilising the current popularity of sub-dub, post house, tropical electronica, basically anything with deep, moody tones, Kauf’s work will be unmissable in the following year.


The London group are a storm of indie energy that matches the likes of White Lies, Peace, James Blake and Bon Iver during their early steps towards greatness. A blend of indi-tronica, post house, pop and trip hop, as well as a consist ability to make every track they share jaw dropping-ly beautiful, Colouring may as well proclaim 2017 as their own right now.


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