Zaniyah – Champagne Papi

If Champagne Papi is anything to go by, Zaniyah is clearly not in the mood to be played with.

With a Twitter account that’s more exciting and professional, than certain others in the R’n’B world, Zaniyah flourishes on her latest release, leaving no stone unturned in Champagne Papi’s next level reading.

It’s a classic R’n’B structure of deep, steady beats, that rotate into quick drum flares, elevating the platform that Zaniyah places herself upon, even higher. Balancing together smooth vocals and a systematic production, the Miami singer projects a guise upon her verses, which are bluntly abrasive in such a seductive sense.

Zaniyah allows herself to offload more shade, than is humanly capable of handling on Champagne Papi; while still appearing welcoming to those, who may think this ties to Drake, unaware of how badly they’ve just had their edges snatched.

Champagne Papi is also a free download, so send 2016 off with some top class shade.

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