Harlea – You Don’t Get It

Harlea, an up-and-coming artist hailing from North London, burst on to the scene this september with the sultry yet powerful single single “Miss Me” where she sings over hard hitting guitar riffs about the feelings of a lost relationship. And with the equally assertive “You Don’t Get it” she is moving quickly into 2017 with a single that could give the Arctic Monkeys a run for their money

Starting off the new year with a strong foothold, “You Don’t Get It” comes right out of the gate at full charge. Harlea is an artist that covers all her bases without a lot of showboating. Both of her singles so far showcase very minimal yet powerful instrumentation.  While the powerful dynamics in mood that “Miss Me” created might not be as a strong on her latest single; even without that it’s still a strong song in itself, and she’s doing good work putting herself on the map. All about the strength that women manifest “You Don’t Get It” matches her low seductive vocals pair well with the heavier bluesy riffs pushing the song along. And while the song seemed to be carried by just one riff she manages to keep listeners interested the whole time.

With simple craftsmanship and an clear aura of power Harlea is entering the new year in an uproar, and I hope it doesn’t die down anytime soon.

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