Water sports and CBT. Is Donald Trump actually Frank Zappa’s Bobby Brown?


While the world has learnt recently, that soon to be President Trump supposedly is a fan of water sports, it brings to question if true, what else is the US’s kinky president into and is he, in fact, Bobby Brown from Frank Zappa’s 1979 song?

For those unaware of the track and its narrative, a description from the YouTube channel music, will immediately make sense of this:

The song describes a wealthy, misogynist student named Bobby Brown, “the cutest boy in town”, whose life is the archetypical American Dream until a traumatic sexual encounter with “Freddie”, a lesbian involved in the women’s liberation movement, leaves him questioning his sexuality. He eventually turns gay and by the end of the song is a self-described “sexual spastic” involved in golden showers and S&M, for which he thanks Fred.

Bobby Brown’s tale of a sexual awakening through his unprepared encounter when “fucking a dyke called Freddie” may seem bold, horrendously misogynistic and homophobic all at the same time. But doesn’t that remind you of someone? While Bobby Brown’s first encounter with kink came from a liberal movement ‘dyke’ trapping his balls in a vice, could Trump’s Russian prostitute be our liberal movement ‘dyke’ in disguise?

Golden showers and CBT aren’t that far away in the world of fetish play if we’re being open.

While currently there’s a debate upon whether the allegations about Trump’s piss-play are true or false, the real debate should be about where he draws the line.

If golden showers are the first news we hear about Trump’s sexual lifestyle, might we find in the future that he swaps Melania for Mike Pence and that America’s first gay president just needed to come to terms with his own identity first? If Trump’s life pans out like Bobby Brown’s, I think America has an ‘interesting’ future ahead of them.

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