LOYAL – Moving As One

January just keeps getting better and better, as LOYAL show off their 3rd track, Moving As One.


The first thought that comes to mind when listening to Moving As One is, hey, when’s Yannis going to come in? It’s never a bad thing to be referenced to the Oxford group, but LOYAL aren’t just a copy of the math-rock pioneers. The four-piece made up of Beth Molly Moore, Alex Cowan,  Jimmy Day & Laurence Allen, take no time at all in turning this math-rock tinged track, into a post-indie-pop banger.

Drum rolls, echoed with chants of moving as one, gyrate into pulsating guitars before a bombardment of piano, trumpets and harmonies that welcome in a near 2-minute finale of gigantic proportions. The nu-pop flare of NVDES and Grouplove, resonating on Moving As One instantly classifies LOYAL as rising stars for 2017 and an undeniable must, for any serious music enthusiasts.

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