Plaza – Origami

Their first track of the new year, the Hartlepool boys show a change in pace with Origami.

Following the jubilant energy of their previous three singles, Youth, Blood Orange and Totem; the effervescent nature of Plaza channels a more serious feel with their latest release.

I remember thinking to myself how peaceful doing origami must be, kind of an emotional detachment from everything, which, lyrically has a large impact on the song. It was pieced together with the whole vibe we were going through at that moment.

While the group aren’t exactly getting ready to become downbeat out of nowhere, Origami takes the well-practised indie-rock that the group have shown previously, to transmute this energy into a murky, near-shoegaze form.

With the crashing of guitars, leaving behind a path of emotional destruction; calls to the deepest parts of indie rock beckon, echoing the melancholy of grunge’s first steps, creating a storm to magnificent effect.

Origami is out on the 20th of January through Beyond The Wall, which the group will be touring in the following weeks. Their debut EP is expected sometime in April.

Mon 23 Jan 19:00 The Cluny, Newcastle Upon-Tyne TICKETS
Mon 6 Feb 19:30 Birthdays, London FREE ENTRY
Tue 7 Feb 19:30 Fallow Cafe, Manchester TICKETS
Wed 8 Feb 18:00 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds TICKETS
Fri 17 Feb 19:00 The Rocking Chair, Sheffield TICKETS
Fri 24 Feb 19:00 Westgarth Social Club, Middleborough

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