Findlay – Waste My Time

The Stockport singer rockets into 2017 with her latest single, Waste My Time. 


It’s been a while since I’ve heard about Findlay (Natalie Rose Findlay) quite honestly, but that’s on my part, as the Manchester singer’s dropped a few tracks since my last visit during her Greasy Love stage. Now kicking off 2017 with Waste My Time, Findlay’s indie pop/rock flare is as solid as ever.

I don’t ever want to waste my time again//Don’t you know how hard I tried with you.

The video for Waste My Time is a complete mirror’s image to the narrative, depicting Findlay repeatedly being forced down into her bath-water, before ultimately succumbing to the pressure.

The point of view shot showing Findlay’s struggle shares a rare look into relationships, which have one side forcing their own fears onto the other. Waste My Time’s rolling synth lead stays casual and uniform in the face of an undesirable narrative, before giving into waves of guitar hooks, which are a signature of the Mancunian’s talents, towards Waste My Time’s bittersweet end.

Waste My Time is out on January 23rd while Findlay’s debut LP, Forgotten Pleasures, is expected in March, through The End Records/BMG, which you can pre-order through The End Record’s site.

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