Rosie Carney – Awake Me

While still in its infancy, 2017 appears set to be a year of open discussion, especially when it comes to mental health. With disarming honesty, Rosie Carney cements her talent as a singer/songwriter even further with Awake Me.

I’ve been a fool for more than half of my life / I’ve tried to hide”

The struggles of which Rosie has faced already in her young life, are sadly what an ever-growing number of today’s youth are facing and will face for even more in the future. Awake Me lingers with the past memories of Rosie’s mental health struggles, with both depression and anorexia, both as equally destructive as the other.

Rather than succumb to the idea that her conditions have rendered her “damaged”, Rosie instead utilises her strongest assets to share her pain and spread strength to those affiliated with either of these mental diseases.

Awake Me, while never soaring higher than the clouds, glides beautifully across its 4 minutes, as Rosie’s reassuring tone, empowers her story of reflection upon a life faced with many struggles. With her nu-folk style guitar, it’s impossible not to become entranced by either her plucking of strings or her heavenly vocals.

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