Secret Cameras – It Doesn’t Matter

With an echo of 2009, Secret Cameras latest track falls deeply into the mould of indie-rock nuances.


A London four-piece made up of Itamar Starets – vocals, guitar, synth; Kristian Keep – lead guitar, synth; Sam Thiery – bass; Dimitris Degres – drums, It Doesn’t Matter follows up on the group’s previous release, Going Places.

Sharing the story of “that girl who drives you crazy”, Secret
Cameras lust for escaping rings true throughout It Doesn’t Matter, with an inescapable familiarity to groups such as White Lies and The Horrors on Primary Colours.

The nuances of indie-rock and goth-rock throughout the track are its greatest mark of achievement, complimenting the nostalgic blend of 2009 with contemporary rhythms, found through Keep’s guitar riffs and the grandeur of Starets vocals.

Secret Cameras debut EP is expected later this year.

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