Felicity – Pilot With A Fear Of Heights

Australian born, then raised in Cape Town, following a move to Denver, Colorado to finish up high school, now arriving in New York City, Felicity’s a true global citizen.

Now you’re aware of Felicity’s travels, it’s time to focus on the real magic. The 18-year-old singer might be a newcomer to the pop music scene, however, her current tracks to date have amassed over 500,000 plays across Spotify and Soundcloud alone.

Pilot With A Fear Of Heights demonstrates Felicity untouchable courage, in reaching for such a high standard within her music already, which arguably is achieved to near perfection. The vocal prowess of Foxes is an instantly familiar sound in Felicity ‘s own voice, but while Foxes’ brand of pop is perfect for TV, Felicity’s pop styleIstands out as something much more enormous.

When I’m not busy being foreign I’m singing.

Pilot With A Fear Of Heights roars ferociously with bellowing brass tones which reflect the excitement of St. Vincent or Meg Myers similarly. With a chorus that screams out with the intensity of pop-powerhouses The 1975 or Grouplove, Felicity’s gathered the best of everything and sprinkled her own layer of magic on top for good measure.

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