Marble Empire – Twenty

Following the debut EP Crystalline, Guildford artist Marble Empire unleashes a plethora of electronic discharges that echo remnants of electronica’s current finest.marble-empire-20

It’s clear to anyone who’s found themselves in the realm of YouTube music’s “weird-side”, that electronica music is neither a consistent production nor has it ever been. From XXYYXX’s signature scarcity to Tycho’s neon, dream electro; Ben Khan’s upbeat dance-tronica, even the likes of Disclosure with their brand of house-electronica, there’s a constant flux of inspiration to absorb and Marble Empire does just that on Twenty.

Mirroring the beginning of XXYYXX’s About You, Twenty begins subdued, with simple bass readying the track for a gradual awakening, as Marble Empire welcomes in the growing waves of electronica music’s many styles. With its manipulated vocals in the pre and post-choruses, the simplicity of Twenty’s pulsating chorus is amplified to the likes of Disclosure’s Latch for instance.

The track’s biggest strength is as mentioned before. Seizing every influence that he can, Marble Empire’s Twenty samples what seems like a never-ending list of influences, perfectly culminated together to create some serious sublime electronica.

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