New Mystics – Modern

The side project of Josh Onstott from Other Lives, New Mystics share the follow-up to their breakout single Sparrows, with an anthem made for millennials everywhere.


The restraint and folk flare found on Sparrows has dissipated within Modern. A call for protest beckons throughout, as a burst of guitars and drum blasts, roar violently like the flames of anarchy, as New Mystics succumb to the realisation that millennials are far from okay.

A projection of organised dismay, Modern is unapologetic with its grandeur presence, lingering with the impossibly cool aura of David Bowie and current indie heroes Arcade Fire. New Mystics simple yet majorly effective indie style highlights Modern as one of the key tracks of 2017 already.

Speaking about the track, New Mystics say:

As a kid, everyone told me to smile, even when I didn’t have anything to smile about. The loss of youthful upbringing/religion and trying to reinvent the way to be as a human being … but sort of being met with this weathered 21st-century world where your dreams fail because “THE MODERN AGE IS OVER” meaning that your generation has been fucked.

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