Naked (On Drugs) – Sedative Smile

One of the first artists we ever shared on Velvet, the Manchester group are back with their debut LP also out today.

Now signed to Tombed Visions, Naked (On Drugs) first single in over two years, is just as unusual as their first offering Death Dance. Sedative Smile falls somewhere between 1930’s cinema and the film noir style, added to classic horror with its all black and white video, accompanying the cluster of musical periods that the group throw together throughout.

Swinging from dimly light piano bars to sudden saxophone infusions, all while sounding benevolent and increasingly frightening, Naked (On Drugs) have stayed consistent to their post-punk-horror whatever you may call it style, and for that, I will happily wear a sedative smile.

4 thoughts

  1. Such a unique, funky sound, reminds me a bit of The White Stripes! Do you have any other recommendations for songs of theirs?


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