SiDizen King – Stuck in the Middle

Taken from his EP of the same title, SiDizen King has released a future R’n’B classic.

Taken by Alexandra Cabral

If your first thought when you listen to Stuck in the Middle isn’t that it sounds like a R’n’B classic then listen again. SiDizen King flourishes with his hip-hop style, which rides the waves of pulsating R’n’B rhythms with such a nostalgic essence, that it’s impossible to not start dancing along or at least start clicking your fingers to the beat.

Stuck in the Middle tackles this generation’s most difficult social conflict that we currently face. Whether sex can be just sex, and if emotions arise, is it going to become something serious? SiDizen’s lyrics speak boldly and openly about the changing attitudes within casual sex, quickly switching the norms of gender roles and emotions tied to them. The slick, self-assured guy becomes the one aiming for the relationship, while it’s the woman in this case, who wants it to be casual, shaking up the dead air that so often plagues new R’n’B influenced artists.

With a change in narrative and beats that flow perfectly in unison with his rhymes, Stuck in the Middle is simply a classic ready for its title already.

You can grab a free download by clicking here and following the instructions on Artist Union.

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