PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day

The New York duo are back with the first look at their second LP, Pageant, in the form of Big Beautiful Day.

If you’ve never checked out PWR BTTM on your own accord, then we’ll make up for lost time now. Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins create music that speaks loudly and proudly to queer people everywhere, with truly electrifying live shows. Big Beautiful Day is boisterous and unapologetic in the face of adversity from unaccepting cis men, who’s goal seems to be bringing queer people down.

PWR BTTM gives a big FU to these men, and continue on with their queercore, punk blend, performing at house parties, crowd surfing, eating waffles, all while covered in glitter and makeup in a celebration of thriving queerness on their big beautiful day.

Pageant is out May 12 and available to pre-order via Polyvinyl Record Co. (US) & Big Scary Monsters (Europe), and you can find out if PWR BTTM will be coming to you soon here.

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