Velvet Independent is not a place where bigotry in any form will be tolerated nor ignored. Usually, I keep the political discussion away from Velvet, as I want this site to be an escape from the madness of everyday life, allowing you to simply enjoy music without a bombardment of intolerance sharing news stories.

However, it is necessary to state that here at Velvet Independent, we fully support Trans rights, and most definitely Trans Youth. Transphobia/Homophobia/Biphobia/Racism/Antisemitism, any form of intolerance and bigotry will not be supported on this site, nor will this be shared to spread awareness.

Awareness of these issues can be spread without acknowledging the hate from which they originate. The names of these people will not be shared, not to protect them, but to remove power from them, by removing publicity.

While it is certain that while reading this you are aware of who allowed/lead the removal of Obama’s trans bathroom guidelines, this does not mean that name needs to be focused on. What needs to be focused on is forming support for all Trans Youth, rallying around them, spreading support, and organising against those who seek to damage these people’s lives.

Don’t spread the names of those who are trying to put up walls, spread the names of those who have been and are continuing to bring them down. Marsha P. Johnson, Lili Elbe, Janet Mock, Gavin Grimm, Laverne Cox, Avery Jackson, Jazz Jennings, Lady J, Mariah Lopez, Misty Snow, Chaz Bono, there are many more names that you can be sharing who are trans activists and trans-supportive activists. So don’t help acknowledge hate help acknowledge the support that’s bringing down hate.


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