Caswell – Animal

South Londoner Caswell, unleashes her soulful pop blend upon us all, with the release of Animal.


“I draw from my own personal experiences. I find that’s when I really need to write. It’s very much a form of catharsis for me and I like having created something positive like a song out of something negative that has happened in my life. Sometimes it helps me find closure and listening back to songs is like seeing the little milestones of my life.”

A BRIT school artist, Caswell isn’t just some newcomer who follows the trends of pop music. Her blend of soulful pop with modern R’n’B highlights is impeccably polished, reflecting her time at the BRIT school tremendously. Animal displays Caswell’s musical style in a readily accessible format, taking elements of previously worked out genre conventions while adding the Londoner’s blend of soul and nu-pop. Creating a track that falls somewhere between fresh and exciting and comfortably classic, pushing the boundaries of modern pop music while equally remaining attached to the highlights of pop’s past, Animal is a beautiful display of Caswell’s musical talents.

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