Kevin Pearce – Heartbeat Mind

Essex-based singer songwriter Kevin Pearce will be releasing Heartbeat Mind next Friday, so come check what the fuss is about.

A short introduction to Kevin Pearce would quickly find you reading a list of similarities, influences, and genres that frankly wouldn’t provide justice to his work. Pearce’s sound floats somewhere around the worlds of indie and electro, but not quite indietronica if you’re keen to plaster a label on.

Heartbeat Mind is a solemn piece of melancholic pop, stuck on a loop of repetitive heart-beats and gradually rising strings and pianos that appear to have been ready to encapsulate the finale of any grand crime-drama show such as BroadChurch.

A rising stature of inpenetrable power beckons from Heartbeat Mind’s steady structure. There isn’t a rush towards its climax and this ultimately leaves its final moments to be nothing short of astoundingly attentive and emotionaly enticing, as the culmination of strings, guitars, pianos and Pearce’s monotone vocals create a post-pop marvel.

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