Clayjay – Mr Sensei feat. Courtnie

The relevance of hype is an understatement on Clayjay’s Mr Sensei.

There are always tracks that come along which immediately make a writer want to lose their mind and forget their writing style, just to announce how insane a track actually is. If you can’t put two and two together, Mr Sensei is one of those tracks.

If you’re looking for a point of reference think DJ Zinc with Ms Dynamtie, but less D’n’B  and more sub-house that loiters around the early work of Disclosure, XXYYXX or Flume.

Mr Sensei is effortlessly cool, as if Clayjay just whipped up an entire track in five minutes, while Courtnie just let the words roll off the tip of her tongue as if it’s no big deal. The combination of Clayjay and Courtnie is unbelievably strong, as the pair’s styles intertwine perfectly for a R’n’B/garage fusion caught up in glossy sub-house, trip hop music that should rewrite the definitions of earworm and eargasm.

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