B Boys – Energy

The Brooklyn band announce their debut LP as well as the release of lead single Energy.

No Worry No Mind, the groups mini-LP, made the top 5 of our Album List for 2016, so it’s fair to say that Velvet’s over the moon about more B Boys music.

Energy steers around the edges of No Worry No Mind, grazing on the post-/punk sounds of tracks Seagulls and Get A Grip, while simultaneously heading backwards towards more punch filled, obnoxious punk rock that clashes with Pissed Jeans, Autobahn or Parquet Courts.

Guitars quickly turn into vapid, dehydrated screams that lead the charge of bass and an onslaught of drum kicks, before rising up into gut-wrenching power chords that are set to blow out the speakers and ignite themselves on fire.

Energy is taken from B Boys upcoming debut LP, Dada, out May 19th through Captured Tracks.

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