Colouring – Heathen 

It’s the first release from the London group this year, following the major success that their Symmetry EP  achieved for them and it feels abundantly clear that something’s changing. Whether this change will be good or not has yet to play out, however, if it follows suit with Heathen, my excitement for Colouring will begin to disappear.

Heathen had the difficult challenge of following up an EP where each track was significantly brilliant, highlighting the reason why Interscope wanted to sign them back in 2015. Just as Lea Porcelain faced following up their 2015 EP, the follow-up track just isn’t anything to scream about.

It’s Colouring playing strongly with smooth rhythms and calm productions that sound grand in unison, with a message that speaks loudly to those caught up in the nightmare of rising right wing idealists.

And even still, I’m not in love.

The London group aren’t exactly newcomers to slowly building, emotional indie music, with both broad and personal reflections either. They haven’t needed to be unnecessarily loud to be exciting nor be overly dramatic to evoke emotion. It’s what I’d expect from a reasonably okay X-Factor contestant, or the millionth group to completely rip-off The 1975. Not the group that did a Gary Jules on I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

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