Rina Mushonga – AtalantA

Rina Mushonga has released a message of female empowerment and independence with the thunderous AtalantA.

Photo by: Yoji Moniz

Dutch-Zimbabwean singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rina Mushonga picked up a huge fan base following the release of her debut LP The Wild, The Wilderness and seems set to grow her fan base even more with AtalantA.

The song reflects Rina Mushonga’s Afro-European background, with the accomplice of her music video exploring the Afro-European and Asian neighbourhoods of Peckham, London. and exciting genre-bending inclinations, combining Afropop riffs and heavy beats to create a fresh and unique electro-indie anthem.

AtalantA, inspired by the Greek mythological figure Atalanta, bends the many cultures that Mushonga’ has experienced and been a part of her entire life. Twisting indie rock that resonates Alabama Shakes and Shopping, together with Afro-pop beats, rippling off from 80’s synths in a coming together of uplifting music, AtalantA roars ferociously with a presence that’s immediately empowering.

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