Perfume Genius – Slip Away

Following his breakout third LP Too Bright, Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) releases the first explosive taste from his fourth LP, No Shape.

On Tuesday the 21st of March, there was a collective gasp of queer voices around the world held in excitement, as Perfume Genius released his highly anticipated new track Slip Away.

With a flare that fits Perfume Genius’ growing persona perfectly, as Hadreas continues to spread his wings casting his beautiful take on indie-pop with an unapologetic stance of pride and pure joy, Slip Away is empowered with a fearless stance of unity, standing strongly against opposition.

If you never see them coming, you’ll never have to hide

Running freely hand in hand with dancer Teresa Toogie Barcelo throughout Slip Away’s video, Hadreas speaks with a bold honesty, stating his fears and discomforts while seamlessly demonstrating his growing carefree attitude. Running through Wonderland to then being chased by oversized schoolboys dressed like Frank Zappa’s Bobby Brown, to the horror of roaring fire, Slip Away’s message speaks of the power and comfort of unity and the fearlessness attitude of self-preservation in the face of unwelcome negativity and hate.

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