Plaza – Deep In My Head

A continuation of distorted noise that pours out from Hartlepool’s rising stars.

If you ever needed an excuse to fall back in love with indie rock or to revisit the beginning steps of Peace or JAWS, then Plaza have made a time machine for you. Deep In My Head, unsurprisingly, is centred around mental health and the struggles it can present with one’s personality. An influx of guitar tones that are howling and then calmed in an instant, to then be repeated, Deep In My Head utilises the cataclysmic distortion of annihilated drums and screeching guitars from bleeding fingers, similarly to previous release Blood Orange, as the focal point for this roaring monster of a message.

“The essence of Deep In My Head is around mental health and how it can manipulate you into a completely different person to what you once were.” Says Brad “It’s about being lost in your own mind, but alongside the unease and anxieties of it all, feeling that you’re set up in the right place.”

Plaza’s debut self-titled EP, is out April 14th, through Beyond The Wall Records.

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