Naz & Ella – In Limbo EP

The debut EP from London duo Naz & Ella is a quaint collection of raw folk music that speaks much louder than it reaches.

Released February 18th, 2017, Self Released.

In the words of Dita Ritz: “It doesn’t take all that screamin’ and hollerin’ to change the world”. Identifying as a part of the LGBT global family, Naz & Ella allow their identities to sink in deeply across this four track EP, calmly chanting about instances that we all face in life and some that are more localised for Britain.

Before you’re welcomed into In Limbo with the title-track opener, the EP artwork is an immediate signal of what is to come, which is always a pleasure to experience and a mark of serious attention from artists. In Limbo’s story tale beginning, with a deceitfully optimistic guitar riff, ready to tell the tale of the land of mystery and magic, but in this case of Brexit, may appear as a delightful direction for this duo to travel down instrumentally, however, In Limbo isn’t as simple as the title of a “folk-EP” would have some to believe.

From the opening statement, it’s no shock to anyone reading, that In Limbo is an EP littered with narratives that are ready to be shared and discussed openly, with anyone who listens. It’s not a surprise that an EP labelled as folk has a story to tell either. Naz & Ella appear more aware than anyone, that their music is littered with expectations for both style and narrative, which is why their debut isn’t something to quickly glance by or use for background music.

Love Is Love, arguably In Limbo’s strongest (and my favourite) track, delivers its story with a power that neither relies on gangly banjos or ghostly atmospherics, instead relying upon Naz & Ella’s unity to express the idea that Love is boundless and knows no limits, regardless of identity in religion (and other areas that still are shown as being factors against these freedoms).

The idea of love is a constant throughout In Limbo, and not always in the conventional sense we know.

While In Limbo shares the notion that Brexit is an involuntary love for many within Britain; tracks Broken Heart Blues and Blind Eye divulge the realms of loss, from romantic love to the love of familiarity.

Broken Heart Blues, being a few more beats away from being a perfect Latin number, expresses notions of love and loss, quietly reflective in the sombre of an unfruitful relationship whether romantic or platonic, layered with blue lit guitar chords that traverse bass notes amplifying the open wound of broken love.

Blind Eye marks itself as In Limbo’s most intriguing track, speaking about the position of the homeless, a story that isn’t at all told often enough. Speaking of how governments willing let down civilians who are forced to sleep on the streets for reasons from financial to emotional, Blind Eye openly engages with the listener during the EP’s’ final moments, in a bid to truly capture our attention and focus are minds on an often avoided topic.

For its sense of honesty and unapologetic storytelling, In Limbo places itself in high standards. The gentle combination of vocals and guitar (sometimes with a little bass) go a long way on this debut EP in sparking interest, in not just the London duo, but the topics that they are clearly passionate about. No screaming or angry guitars are needed, instead, a simple arrangement of two women who allow their art to talk for itself.

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