Rows – New Heart

If Max and the Moon’s departure back in January had you feeling a little heartbroken, don’t worry as Matt Couchois (keys and vocals for MATM) carries on the indie pop flare of the Chino Hills group, now as Rows.

Indie pop may appear as a genre that’s incredibly easy to master, especially when you’re previous group had mammoth sized indie hits. Expectedly Couchois’ time in Max and the Moon has been soaked up throughly, transforming New Heart into the rightful next step for the Cali’ native. With his signature key-scalling synths, alongside dramatic drums beats amassed under a wave of math rock guitars and heartfelt lyrics, New Heart is a complete resurgence of the pop magic which January seemed to be taking away from us all.

Speaking about New Heart, Rows shared the story behind their debut:

“New Heart is a love letter I wrote to someone who’s passed on. My best friend lost his mom to cancer and I wrote this song one day as it all came crashing down on me. Grief is a struggle we all go through and writing about it can sometimes be therapeutic. In this song, it was written with urgency since I felt if I didn’t capture this bottled up grief, I may never get the words right. She loved intensely and lived a colorful life which I tried my best to convey sonically and lyrically. Here’s to you Elizabeth.”

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