Champs – The Garden Is Overgrown

Michael and David Champion are back again, ready to disrupt everyone’s lives with their magnetic new track, The Garden Is Overgrown.

From Down Like Gold, to Vamala and now onto LP3, the Isle of Wight duo is casting away from their early days of black and white tinted folk, now switching for bright, incredibly energetic pop instead. The Garden Is Overgrown seems like a not so coincidental title, as from the moment the track begins, the energy of early Editors clashing with the light tones of Passion Pit are unavoidable, with screeching guitars hitting every other second in the chorus, on this abrupt yet happily welcomed return from the Champion brothers.

Also for UK fans, the Isle of Wight duo have announced a good selection of dates from next week, starting in London, so get yourself a ticket or 2 ASAP!


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