Caswell – Brother

You might want to sit down for this one.

If Animal, Caswell’s previous release, told us anything about her, it’s that the Brit School artist isn’t afraid to unleash a musical storm. Brother is as dramatic as the Brit Awards and even that feels like an understatement.

The sound of big bands backing a single vocalist or even a whole orchestra amplifying a nuance of drama is never anything short of goosebump-inducing, purely for the collection of deep tones. This typical reaction to loud, powerful musical productions is a feat that requires serious talent (so you can see where I’m going with this).

Caswell’s ability to stand among a crowd of heavy, brass tones, with her voice of the complete opposite reigning supreme, demanding all attention while utilising the power of her backing group to further elevate herself is spellbinding.

If you don’t fall in love within an instant of hearing Brother, then give it a couple more seconds and you’ll be hooked.

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