I’m back! (With 5 new tracks)

The biggest piece of work I’ve ever had to write has finally been completed this week, so music’s coming back onto Velvet!

So, to make sure you won’t be flooded with hordes of new posts, I decided to place a few new tracks here, from what I’ve had on over the last month or so, enjoy!

NoMbe – Can’t Catch Me (Ft. New Mystics)

NoMbe’s debut is set for release later this year, and the way he’s slinging out these hits, it’s going to be impossible to not have on repeat. Can’t Catch Me’s loaded with fast chunky guitars and NoMbe’s signature R’n’B edge, making for some insanely catchy music.

Adam Joseph – Linda Evangelista (Ft. Aja)

If you aren’t on the RuPaul’s best friend race hype, then this one will make no sense to you at all. Possibly the second most iconic dialogue from RuPaul’s Drag Race since Shangela’s sugar daddy quote, Adam Joseph turned Aja’s attack on Valentina into a club-ready hit.

Crater – My Body

This is the first experience of hearing Crater for myself, but it’s safe to say I’ll be checking them out following My Body. A hypnotic realm of dark electro beats, toying with deep house sounds, echoing the likes of Jupiter C, My Body’s mechanical edge isn’t just an electronic trip, it’s also a supportive track for Planned Parenthood, with 100% of the proceeds from the track going towards PP!

Saskwatch – December Nights

Now, December Nights has been on my Spotify list for a good while now, so the reason why I never wrote about it was because I was enjoying it so much I couldn’t pull myself away for a second to write. A blend of psychedelic and indie rock, December Nights twists itself between light, flute lead sections into corrupted, hacking guitars in search of a poweful beast. For a short synopsis, it’s ridiculously good.

Her’s – I’ll Try

Here’s the last one! Her’s have been on my radar for quite some time, so whenever they release a new track, the greyest of days are made a little brighter. I’ll Try is a lushous piece of tropical indie music, piecing together glittery, dream pop guitars together with a bass hook that’s ready to pull you in into the magical world of Her’s.

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